Six Days of Impossible


Six Days of Impossible: Navy SEAL Hell Week – A Doctor Looks Back

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Publication Date : September 28, 2020
Print Length : 214 pages
Language : English

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Hell Week has never been described so effectively. Six days in hell define every SEAL that moves past the point of no return in their minds. Robert Adams, MD, brings the experiences of his classmates into view with real, difficult to believe experiences, described in frightening detail by the men that lived through the frigid cold, filthy muddy days, and body-destroying events of a winter Hell Week. Eleven of 70 men went on to graduate and serve over 40 years in almost every SEAL or UDT team with honor. Listen to their real-time story, and learn why these 11 men succeeded when so many others failed.

Colonel Robert Adams, MD, MBA, served 14 years in the navy (12 as a SEAL) and 18 years in the army. He changed services to attend medical school and applies his analytical skill to look back at the men that shivered and struggled through Hell Week together. He brings decades of insight learned caring for others to an insightful analysis of why the men of his BUD/S class 81 achieved the improbable.